Africa Overview

Africa’s spectacular sceneries and Middle East’s progressive infrastructure development will offer you two very different travel ambiances. Listen to the roaring sounds of wildlife while asleep in the nature field and appreciate the friendliness of local African people is a very invaluable experience. On the contrary, a visit to Middle East will open your eyes in current modern infrastructure building techniques and at the same time, it will also offer you the opportunity to embrace its religious foundations, experience its luxurious playgrounds, and explore its nature systems.

Africa Trips

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Exotica of Morocco, Sahara Tale & Portugal
16 Days
From $7498   $4499
- 40%
Exotica of Morocco and Sahara Tale
12 Days
From $6165   $3499
- 40%
Mysteries of Egypt and Jordan with Nile Cruise
15 Days
From $7046   $4499
- 39%
Mysteries of Egypt with Nile Cruise
11 Days
From $5804   $3799
- 38%
Marvels of Egypt & Dubai with Nile Cruise
15 Days
From $7260   $4499
- 38%
Incredible Dubai with Abu Dhabi
8 Days
From $4405   $2999
- 35%
Incredible Dubai with Abu Dhabi and Cairo
10 Days
From $5141   $3349
- 35%








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